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PowerHarvest is dedicated in maximising the value of the power / electricity utilised by organisations in the provision of energy efficient IT Business Services. Power is becoming the controlling resource in all businesses and as power supply capacity stagnates and prices increase it is essential for all businesses to follow the mantra - 'do more with less, or at least more with the same'

Specialising in Data Centres and IT Infrastructure and brings together world-wide expertise in sustainable power provision and delivery of energy efficient IT Business services.

Data Centres are responsible for an estimated 2.2-3.3% of UK's total electricity consumption. (DEFRA 2009)

PowerHarvest through its work within the Data Centre Industry predicts that future large data centres and cloud computing providers must be located in locations where the environment allows for very low PUE's, have access to secure localised preferably renewable energy supplies and solid data connectivity. These large facilities will feed smaller consumer adjacent data centres in high population density areas and business latency dependent locations.

Future Data Centres must also be ecologically designed to be modular, scalable, 'Just in Time' with Commercial and Technical flexibility. And the Companies that manage, manipulate and deliver information most efficiently and effectively will be the winners in the continued evolution of the Information Age.

Contact us now to ensure that you maximise your current and future power assets to deliver commercially and environmentally sustainable business.

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